Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spot TV BBVA "Nómina"

This is my latest job at the moment. I did it together with Got Film Productions company ( All the cardboard caracters you can see in the advert were made from pictures I took in a studio (white background), considering all the time the real scale in order to print them later with the same dimensions in the reality so they seemed naturaly real.
Thanks so much to everybody who took part in this job this time. Specially thanks to Marce, with whom I had so good comunication all the time, so we could do a very good job at the end, thanks also to Luna, Erik, Noé, and of course, Jandro, my super-assistant at this moment (we don´t forget you Mr.Anaconda obviously, so don´t be jealous). Was a real pleasure!!!
You can also see a short version of 10 seconds at this link here:


Mr. Anaconda said...

Wow, it is so natural! And so real! Now, if only I understood what it's about!?! :)
Check out this link, its the full video on utube, because the one on your blog doesn't work, Mr. T!!

All the best,
Mr. Anaconda!!

P.S.: while you're on utube anyway, check out this:

alberto mielgo said...

Me encanta el anuncio.
La música me la pondría durante horas en casa. Seguro que te imaginas la escena.
Me gustaría ver tus fotos mas de cerca, otro día.
Cada día vas a mas. Este trabajo se ve grande e importante.

Brindis por esto.

alberto mielgo said...

para hacer un link directo copia la formula:


Los planos y las composiciones me encantaron.
El edificio de ladrillos del final es lo unico que quitaba yo... Seguro que es cosa del cliente.

Ruben said...

Quien iba a decir que acabarías haciendo anuncios increibles de la tele cuando te ibas a comer pollos asados al campo con Coren.

Ese tomassssss!!!!

Tomás de la Fuente said...

Madre mía El Rubens al habla!!! A que me aso otro pollo!!! digo... tejcribo un comentario´ra mismo!!!!

...:marina:... said...

That was cool!