Monday, September 15, 2008


This is my latest photoshoot made in London. Probably, the tougher I´ve ever done, due to several difficulties. Was raining, very, very windy, and we were on a serious rush. However, we could made it successfuly and go back home thinking we´d done a very good job! I hope you all like it as It´s one of my best ones!! Thanks so much for those who gave my a hand specialy, Karina Tanabe Jones and Margo Holder, Vihn and Yu, Maurizio and Juan, and of course, those two who were struggling all the time to get the best until the end, Ale and my lovely Charlie Wilson Jr. Thanks guys!! See you in the next one again!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008


THIS IS THE FINAL RESULT OF MY VERY LAST JOB. THIS IS ALSO THE ONE THAT I FEEL MOST PROUD OF. THIS IS WHAT WE GOT AFTER A VERY, VERY HARD WORK. A lovely, melancolic, colorful photoshoot, very romantic and subtle, plenty of sweetness and delicacy.
I have to say that I couldn´t have come up to something like this without a very special person. Someone that made all this possible, someone that hold the best taste I have ever seen, someone that was all the time supporting me and offering her help with no interest at all, just for the pleasure of getting beautiful images giving me essential advices until the end. Thanks so much Carlita, my love, because I ´ll be grateful for this forever and was such a pleasure learn with you and start and finish a project together. I just hope this was only the first one. I love you Carlinssen , you don´t know really how much...
Appart from that, there were also a lot of people involved in this job, to whom I would like to say THANK YOU! Thanks, PAULA SOROA, your are the best!!! I love the work you did and how you understood the idea I got on mind from the begining. Thanks GEMA Gª DEL ÁLAMO, for your help with the stylism. Thanks to the models: Maria Chernova and Eva Maria Lutz, you look great!!!!! of course, thanks to Jandro (the super-assistant, sharing place with Mr. Anaconda, retired by the moment to the Caribbean Sea) and Kela (such a good job!!!). Thanks to Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, lovely place!!...and also to Indrid and Iñigo who lend me such a lovely furniture for the shoot and were so interested all the time. THANKS to all of you again because was great to work with you!! ...And of course thanks to Sergio Quesada and Ana Dos Santos, the ones that made all this happened!!!
See you all in the next one!!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

NEW IMAGE FOR "Centro Oeste"

This is just a preview of the photoshot I did for "Centro Oeste de Majadahonda"... I hope you like it! Pretty soon I will upload the rest of the best ones...

Monday, January 14, 2008



Many thanks!!

Tomás de la Fuente Website

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Spot TV BBVA "Nómina"

This is my latest job at the moment. I did it together with Got Film Productions company ( All the cardboard caracters you can see in the advert were made from pictures I took in a studio (white background), considering all the time the real scale in order to print them later with the same dimensions in the reality so they seemed naturaly real.
Thanks so much to everybody who took part in this job this time. Specially thanks to Marce, with whom I had so good comunication all the time, so we could do a very good job at the end, thanks also to Luna, Erik, Noé, and of course, Jandro, my super-assistant at this moment (we don´t forget you Mr.Anaconda obviously, so don´t be jealous). Was a real pleasure!!!
You can also see a short version of 10 seconds at this link here:

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Attending to some requests, here is a third pic from that shooting day!